My First Blog Post

To all my loyal fans:

Since I seem to be so popular, I have decided to create a blog where, in the words of Rita Yoe, all my “Ridiculousness” can come out. I will post as often as I can on political topics. I encourage open discussion on various topics. You do not have to be an expert to post, everyone is entitled to an opinion on this site. With that, I would like to address a few things that I will and will not do do:

1. This will not be a site for liberal propaganda (I will post all my political beliefs at a later date). Instead, I will take various positions on different topics.

2. Do not attack other people personally! Unless it is a person in the public domain, such as a celebrity or politican, making fun of people will not be tolerated on this blog and your posts will be deleted.

3. Have fun!

Enjoy being inside my head!


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