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Reflection: Where is Obama’s Party Headed

To conclude this day of politics, it is important to note what Obama needs to do in order to stay in office. At the current moment his party is losing the battle for the pride of the nation. People are angry. They want solutions to crucial problems, but at the same time they do not want the government to intervene. This produces a bit of a conundrum for President Obama.

So is bipartisanship the answer. I would argue no. While that might seem unorthodox I believe that he is not going to get anywhere with talking to Republicans and then having them reject his policy ideas for short term gains. Obama claims that he wants to be just a one term president that accomplishes his agenda, so he should just do that. My advice to the Democratic Party is to go after their ambitious agenda. Find a way to court the Blue Dogs, only Ben Nelson voted against extending unemployment benefits last time. If Democrats are going to find gridlock against the Republicans than they should just go after the problem directly. Pass the policies that they wish and find a center Republican to get the 60 votes if necessary.

The point is that country needs change. The financial crisis is getting worse, the planet is warming, the gulf is leaking, and the education system is failing America. It is time for the Democrats to stand up and take charge. If the Repbulicans want to say no to progress be my guest. Trust me, at some point voters will get tired of it. They like to be the shouting angry mob, but in the end they will always root for the hero. That my friends is where Obama will find his momentum.

Thanks for reading my blog today, have an excellent evening. I will leave you with today’s song of the day. Here’s to don’t stop believin’.

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Afternoon Delight: A Season of Anti-Incumbency

Over the last few days I have been reading many columns that are trying to come to grips with this anti-incumbent fever that seems to be sweeping the nation. In the U.S. and internationally (Great Britain, Mexico, etc.) have been rejecting candidates that are in power. This leads to a problem if you are, well, the party in power. So, is it possible for the Democrats to hold on to power. I would say yes. It is possible to fight the anti-incumbent fever by doing a few things.

1. Solutions: Make the Republicans discuss their solutions to problems like financial reform, healthcare, and alternative energy. Republicans might be the party of “No” for now, but when they get into office they will have to explain their positions. Some of the solutions they do offer are very radical (Sharron Angle of Nevada), so expose them.

2. Use Illustrations: What frustrates me the most is not the anti-incumbent positions that these new breed of politicians hold, but that they will most likely do the same things that are currently being done in office right now. Democrats should use Scott Brown as an example. He is the first Tea Party candidate to be elected from MA. He has voted for financial reform (the first time around) and taken independent positions. Use that as a strategy to show how these new politicians will be any different.

3. History and Logical Fallacies: This is a very big strategy. These new Tea Party candidates love to twist history. Attack them them on it. If they pine for the U.S. of years ago, say how many rights would not be granted to women and minorities. If they say the original constitution is best, answer with the 3/5 slavery part as an imperfection. If they say Progressivism is bad, tell all the good regulations of food and breaking up political machines that it was able to accomplish. Trust me, history is on your side.

So, if Democrats use all three of these key points that should be able to bring momentum to their party.

Further Reading:

Marc A. Thiessen on the “British Tea Party”

Richard Cohen on another Tea Party candidate

“Tea Party” in Mexico

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Interesting Things and Independent Ideas – X

Interesting Things

Got Sun?: In Switzerland, they are testing the first solar powered plane in order to move off of fossil fuels.


I’ll Have Pot Brownies with No Nuts: San Francisco has allowed certain licensed dispensaries to sell “special brownies” as long as they meet the regulations.


Let’s Go to North Korea: Justin Bieber was recently held a contest of where he should hold his next tour. In hindsight, that probably was not a very good decision because many voted in a prank to send him to North Korea.


Professor Beck: Glenn Beck has just announced that he is starting an online University this summer. It will be taught by experts on history, religion, and economics.


Independent Ideas

President Palin?: MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews says that Sarah Palin can win the GOP nonmination for president in 2012. Is he right, you be the judge?


Democracy Promotion: Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum discusses how civil society can save democracy. Is she right, you be the judge?


Let’s Not Start START: Former Governor Mitt Romney in the Washington Post yesterday said that the new START treaty should not be ratified by the Senate. Is he right, you be the judge?


John Kerry Replies: Here is Senator John Kerry’s reply to Mitt Romney. Which one is right, you be the judge?


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The Breakfast of Champions

Good Morning,

Here is the first breakfast of champions where I will post some of the top items of the day in news and analysis. It will give you an indication of what you need to watch for throughout the day.

Top Domestic Issue: Job Creation

WSJ Op-Ed on helping domestic multinationals increase in growth

Top Foreign Issue: Climate Change

University of East Anglia did not undermine climate change results

Today’s Key Word: Momentum

Today, President Obama needs to focus on getting his mojo back. Right now he is in a crucial spot. The deficit is high, unemployment is still high, and right now he is in a deadlock in Congress on his policies. If he wants to make any progress he is going to have to find a way to get some type of momentum going to re energize his party. He needs to focus on the longterm by saying that the situation will get better. If he can show some type of rosy future, he will fare better later.

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