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The Breakfast of Champions – Monday, July 12

Top Domestic Issue: Illegal Immigration

Second Suit by Holder

Top Foreign Issue: Israel and U.S. relations

Israel PM on Fox News Sunday

Top Sports Issue: Spain Wins World Cup


Today’s Keyword: Entanglement

What today’s top domestic stories have in common is the interlinking of politics and policy. The immigration case in AZ will have repercussions on the midterm elections and the Israel issue will also have similar problems. The biggest issue facing any politician is trying not to alienate voters. Both of these stories can do just that. My theme today is to see how Washington will not find ways to not get too tangled up in its commitments and hurt reelection chances.

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Interesting Things and Independent Ideas – XI

Interesting Things

Love Thy Neighbor: I thought that this was a heartwarming story of how South Africa was able to cheer on the Netherlands, even after apartheid. It give me hope for other conflicts in the world.


We’re Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur’s mythical round table has supposedly been discovered, it would seat about 1,000 people it was rumored. I also posted the famous Monty Python song to go with this story.


Blood for the Battlefield: Scientists have discovered a way to create “fake blood” as a way to perform blood transfusions on the battlefield for the near future.


Nanotechology Saves the Day: A recent experiment in mice shows that chemotherapy treatments might be able to be delivered using nanotechnology.


Independent Ideas

Has John McCain Lost His Mojo?: This article by Jacob Weisberg of Slate says that John McCain is becoming too painful to watch. Is he right, you be the judge?

Ann Coulter Attacks Bill Kristol: Conservative columnist Ann Coulter attacks Bill Kristol over Michael Steele’s comments. This sparked a fierce debate on the internet. Is she right, you be the judge?


Selective Modesty?: Charles Krauthammer says that President Obama is practicing “selective modesty.” Is he right in this assessment, you be the judge?



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