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Interesting Things and Independent Ideas – XIII

Interesting Things

Fox Fight: An anaylst and an anchor go at it on Fox News for a great fight.


AIDS Cure in Limbo: The world AIDS conference is struggling to find an international strategy.


Biden Fined: Politico reports that Vice President Biden will be fined heavily for some campaign finance violations.


Renting Services: Some towns are renting their basic services because of the financial collapse and its affects on budgets.


Flu Vaccine: Scientists have recently discovered a possible universal flu vaccine.


Women Want Mel Gibson: Here is a funny parody from Slate about Mel Gibson.


Independent Ideas

Bridging the Divide: The NYT ran a story/opinion that explains how the real divide is not Tea Party vs. the rest, but a generational divide between the young and the old. Is he right, you be the judge?


Gibson’s Good Thing?: NYT columnist Frank Rich says that Mel Gibson leaving is actually a possible symbol of the culture war leaving. Is he right, you be the judge?


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