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Reflection: Failure Is Not An Option

Throughout the day, I have been talking about different problems from failed states to failed election practices. Since this is a broad area to cover, I will start on the domestic front.

In the U.S. we must continue to do several things economically, pump more capital into banks. I stated in my earlier post that the IMF believes the U.S. needs $69 billion more in capital. In addition, we need more stimulus money in order to prevent states from cutting vital programs. Through there is some growth in the economy it is not enough. It can grow a lot faster if we pursue stronger policies.

In foreign policy, the U.S. needs to try and find ways to find a balance with failed states. This means trying to strike partnerships with China, who as of today is now the second largest economy in the world by surpassing Japan. The U.S. must also find it priorities in Pakistan. As Jon Stewart humorously noted the other night, we are sending money to Pakistan which is used to fight ourselves. This paradox nightmare must end. Either put tighter constraints on Pakistan or find restrictive pressure programs to stop the madness.

Finally, In my opinion piece today I talked about the need for real discourse and ending the argument by association, which I debunked as a myth to insult the human intelligence. Furthermore, the Weekly Standard and Robert Wright articles proved my point on this issue. Although not a political campaign issue, it proves it nevertheless.

To sum up what I covered:

1. security and stability were the keywords today. I talked about Somalia and Pakistan as the two countries to focus on in the future.
2. Economic issues: more stimulus and capital is needed
3. Attack by Association is a cheap political trick
4. Getting Out the Vote for KS
4. Fun videos, campaign ads, and cartoons made the day better I think

My next post will be Sunday Talk. Please become a follower if you have not already:). I leave you now with Congressman Anthony Weiner going crazy on the House Floor. Have a good weekend!

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