Komen’s Decision Makes Little Sense

Pink Ribbon

By John Stang

The pressure is continuing to increase on the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which primarily fights breast cancer, to desperately reconsider its decision to pull its funding from Planned Parenthood.  The decision is supposedly “not political.”  Rather, Komen says it is making the change because Planned Parenthood is under investigation.  Actually, the investigation is a bogus one being led by a Republican congresssman who has an axe to grind against abortion in the first place.

Putting aside the political hotbeds of abortion, the decision by Komen is not a very smart one.  Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions and only 10% of its clientele get abortions.  Most of Planned Parenthood’s activities include cancer screenings and HIV/AIDS testing for lower income citizens.  This would make sense if Komen wanted to attach a string to the funding given to Planned Parenthood, similar to the Hyde Amendment in Congress, that bars money from going to abortion, again not the reason Komen is admitting for deciding to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  Instead, Komen is removing all its funding from the organization for a vague reason that might or might not have to do with abortion implicitly.

This stance is equivalent to killing an ant with a machine gun when a fly swatter will do.  Instead of removing all funding from the organization, taking away certain parts would make more sense.  Komen is a private foundation and can do what it wants, but the strategy appears ineffective and loses crucial supporters in the process to save lives against breast cancer and not just theoretical forms of life.

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