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An Unflattering Portrayal of Palin

By John Stang

Conservative contrarian Andrew Sullivan lays the criticism of the former Governor of Alaska pretty thick:

Anyone with even the faintest grasp of Palin’s reality – including former close aides like Frank Bailey – understands that she is emotionally unstable, paranoid, vindictive, self-destructive, religiously fanatical and clinically deluded. Her “wonderful mothering” led her to take a tiny child with Down Syndrome and parade him in front of the cameras as a political prop, and later hauling him out half-naked at night to show off to fans on her book tour. None of her children has made it to college; one was a teenage vandal, another a teen mom. A man who lived in her house, says her children had to raise themselves. She quit office in mid-term because her vanity and rapacity were more important to her than public service. The victims of her vicious career lie strewn all over Alaska. Anyone faintly aware of reality also knows that John McCain was as cynical, brutal and expedient a figure as anyone to run for president – and that Palin’s selection was an act of such grotesque vanity and cynicism that it instantly disqualified him from the presidency.

I suspect the real truth about how this deranged, comic, vicious ignoramus nearly became a heartbeat away from the presidency will only be absorbed in the future, when we are not so close to the embarrassment.

Remember, this is just one interpretation of the story.  Depending on your ideological colors, the narrative could look very different.

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Morning Memo: Friday, June 10

Good Morning!

Top Topics:

Foreign Policy:
U.S. continues secret air campaign in Yemen
- World leaders pledge more aid to Libyan rebels
- Senate readies bill to unfreeze $10 billion in Gadhafi’s assets for humanitarian aid
- Reuters story says Clinton in talks to become World Bank president
- Clinton denies Reuters claim
- Gates warns NATO not to rush out of Afghanistan
- New U.N. resolution on Syria will most likely get a Russian and Chinese veto
- A recent report says U.S. War on Drugs is failing
- Panetta confirmation hearings begin

- Gingrich’s staff resigns
- Gingrich’s demise could be Perry’s rise
- Gingrich co-chair heads over to Pawlenty’s campaign
- 2,200 pages of Palin emails to be released by the State of Alaska
- Debt ceiling talks continue, very slowly
- Pressure increases on Weiner after new X-rated photo surfaces online
- Top Democrats call for Weiner’s resignation
- 56% of Weiner’s constituents don’t want him to resign

Figures of Note:

May 2011: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling [issue]?

Opinions of Note:

John Dickerson declares Newt’s campaign over

Ann Coulter says liberals have a “mob mentality”

Dana Milbank has low hopes for Afghanistan

Ramesh Ponnuru asks Republicans to consider revamping supply side theory towards the middle class

Videos of Note: A view of Islam

Photo Credit: Google Images

Figures from Gallup and the Economist

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Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts to brighten your day:

Stop following Sarah Palin.  Obviously she wants to antagonize the media to stoke their curiosity about a possible presidential bid.  No one really takes a family vacation in a tour bus with their name on it and a lifesize image of the constitution next to another image advertising their PAC, unless their the Partridge Family.

The real lesson of “Weinergate” is that we should not apply the word “gate” to every scandal.  Robbing a hotel is not quite the same as showing your junk to a college girl on Twitter.  Just a side note, Richard Nixon’s nickname was “Tricky Dick.”  So, maybe we should have applied the term to his scandal a long time ago.

The Casey Anthony trial is now getting about as annoying as the royal wedding!

Which country will implode first: Yemen or Syria.  The U.S. probably can’t respond to either, so it doesn’t really matter.

Chris Matthews really is just the liberal Bill O’Reilly.

Mike Barnacle is on “Morning Joe,” but I have no idea who he is?

Why are all guys in a computer store managers named Brian?  More importantly, why are they always out to lunch? (my aunt told me that joke a few years ago, and I thought it was applicable since I am buying a new laptop).

Reading an Ayn Rand novel in the developing makes you feel like a jackass.  It is hard to imagine objectivist philosophy being that great when poverty is all around you.

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An earthquake hit Myanmar along its border with China providing yet another crisis for the world to solve.  It does not get better:

1. My first thought was about Obama’s problematic Middle East strategy
2. Portugal might need a bailout
3. Sarah Palin’s Israel policy is contradictory and naive
4. Syria’s chaos or nothing thesis explains the Jasmine Revolution
5. My “Daily Rant” on NATO’s conflict over Libya

Overtime: Michele Bachmann will mostly like run for president and John Kerry vs. Richard Lugar on Libya

I’ll will be traveling to Washington D.C. this weekend, so there will not be any posts Friday or Saturday.

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Sarah Palin Gives Foreign Policy A Try Part II

The former Governor of Alaska just returned from her low key trip to Israel with her husband.  Last night, she gave an interview to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News when she said the following about Israel:

“President Obama was inappropriate to intervene in a zoning issue in Israel,” she said, referring to settlement building on the West Bank. “Let Israel decide their zoning issues themselves.”

Her understanding of foreign policy does not run very deep I see.  Last week, during Palin’s trip to India, some were trying to find a coherent doctrine in her thinking.  That “zoning issue” happens to be the settlement expansion that Israel has on and off frozen for the last few years.  It is the biggest impediment towards getting a two state solution because every time the U.S. tries to negotiate with Israel, they decide to expand settlements the West Bank or Gaza Strip, or they decide to lift the current freeze they have on settlements.  This is not just something the U.S. demands of Israel.  Rather, the Palestinian leaders call for this when they want to negotiate. So, naturally, if a peace process started again, the settlements would be up for discussion.

My other problem with this statement, other than her ignorance of Middle Eastern politics, is the inconsistency Palin has in regards to sovereignty.  On the one hand, she wants to the U.S. to criticize China for human rights abuses and supports both the nation building exercises in Iraq and Afghanistan.  On the other hand, when it comes to our allies, we should just not tell them what to do because, in the case of Israel, these are local issues.  This is highly contradictory in my opinion.  If she wants to be serious in the foreign policy realm, she must work harder at understanding these complex topics and not contradict herself.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

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